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Tomcat, MSQLServer, Java, JEE, XML, XP, TDD, Straight JDBC, UML, ANT, Javascript, XP, JUnit, Eclipse

Created a completely new XML based plugin solution which dynamically generates runnable software applications within an existing complex framework for assessments.  Made the change so that assessments could be defined in XML which would then dynamically generate the necessary Java code at runtime which would integrate automatically with the existing framework.  Fully documented (Agile UML) of the new capabilities along with refactoring and test case enhancements to further modularize the code.


Tomcat, Apache, Lucene, Spring, Spring MVC, TDD, XML, Connotera, MySQL, Memcached, AWS, EC2, SimpleDB, Open Graph, XHTML, JQuery, Javascript, JSF, JUnit.

Taking on a number of smaller business requirements in web development and Java software.    Delivering through to the online commerce environment running in Tomcat. The primary work was in integrating and making the search engine dynamically update at runtime from the administration system.

Many More ...

We have worked with and continue to work with many organisations large and small in the delivery of custom software solutions which streamline their offerings.