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Hinson Custom Made


September, 2018

Work Type

Complete and On Going


All timber prices vary considerably and with each individual item being bespoke this leads to a very complicated pricing matrix.  The software needed to be able to handle any type of item that could be made from wood for a home along with generating the quotation and scheduling the work.

Some of What We Delivered:


A unique software pricing and quotation solution that enables the business to generate quotations for their customers in no time at all.  With the simple addition of dimensions and wood type prices are generated in sub second time.


Integrations with the Google platform for scheduling of work from the quotation through to completion.   Quotations are added to the Hinson Custom Made Google Calendar along with delivery dates, installation and completion.


The ability to create new item types, from stair cases to windows to doors and have each type easily quoted for with up to date timber prices from various supplier sources.